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Experience designer & Digital Trasformation consultant

Welcome, Marco Dolera consulting here!

I have to admit that the cover image could be considered quite pretencious for a one-man studio, but I've always been fascinated by the complexity of urban landscape and the large amount of people, things and informations that usually are moving together into it. UX is quite similar: innovation, users and technology that run inside different flows but with same purpose. No matter the size of your business, you always need to design never-ending cyclical experiences for your customers... So, in order to support you or your organization, we can work together on:

• Ux process consulting
Being empathic, share knowledge and skills to set a common background with stakeholders.
• Concept and design
Design and test new solutions accordign to technology faseability by using appropriate tools...
• Training
Technology and design always required a quick refresh and some updates on new trends!

"That's me . I'm a digital designer, working on ux, service and interaction project for large enterprises, start up and creative agencies.
Graduated in Industrial Design, Digital Trasformation & Business strategy, love food, sci-fi and . Feel free to me!"

This website is proudly hand-made, but a big help come from codrops an amazing resource of news, topic and trends...
Cover image is a rework from unsplash, icons taken here.